Our Mission

We are a digital currency exchange providing trading solutions to users all over as we lead the journey to an innovative future, one trade at a time.

Crypto9japays is Nigeria's leading and trusted digital currency trading platform offering digital currencies at the best rates, a subsidiary of Acepaid Technology, fully registered Nigerian technology company with decades of experience in the digital space ranging from digital asset management, consultation, trades and managed services. Having a trusted reputation in Nigeria's cryptocurrency space and beyond offering service like exchange of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum among others with Naira/USD at best rate.


We understand that honesty is the best way to keep you coming back to us and we pledge to stay glued to this, more reason why our deals are fair and transparent. We are not like the rest, We are responsible and committed. We are partners with Chinese and Vietnam firms who use Gift Cards for various sorts of digital operations.

Work Process
Work Process

What we are known for

Our purpose at Crypto9japays is to help elevate Africa into the digital age, To make Storage and Transfer of money easy and affordable, Hence promoting trade and improving the day to day life of Africans.

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