How Do I Trade Gift Cards?

If you want to sell itunes card or amazon gift card and other gift cards to us. You have to sign up an account and initiate a trade., you don't need to worry, your gift cards are safe with us and payment is guaranteed within few minutes.

How Do I Trade Bitcoin?

If you want to sell bitcoin, you have to send the coin to the wallet address on the website and make send your account details too to the column and you get instant payment, if you want to buy bitcoin, we only accept payment via the website and send your bitcoin address for instand funding

What Gift Cards Do You Buy?

We buy iTunes Gift Cards For Naira, Trade Amazon Gift Cards For Cash, Exchange Walmart Gift Cards For Naira, buy Steam Wallet Gift Cards For Naira, Trade Google Play Gift Cards In Nigeria, buy Target Cards, buy Sephora Gift Cards, buy Nordstrom gift card for bitcoin, buy Nordstrom gift card for naira, buy target gift card for amazon, buy target gift cards in Nigeria, trade big denomination gift card for cash, buy single $200 iTunes card too

Why Do You Pay Best Rates?

Because we want you to come back and also because we can never be at loss no matter the rate we pay. If we pay you $90 for $100 iTunes gift card, we will buy a product of $100 on iTunes store and sell it to others at a higher price. By doing this, we save $10 and you are also at an advantage because the rate is relatively higher than that of other gift card buyers.

Are You Available 24/7?

We are available for all trades at all time.

What Is The Minimum/Maximum You buy?

We have no limit. No minimum or maximum. Any card you bring, we buy.